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Star Wars

The Asteroid Field - an alternative score

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This is an alternate new music score for this scene from 'The Empire Strikes Back'.
Trying to stay loyal to the light hearted, ("family" style) adventurous score - as I perceive it, I allowed myself to compose a score which to a degree runs tighter with the image (slightly more 'Micky Moused' than the original), for two reasons:

1) I tried to incorporate in the music the extreme volume differences between the cockpit shot dialogues and the outside sound effects, which caused the sound mixer of the original score to "kill" the music in many spots because it was too loud.


2) Because I believe it works well.


Since I could not separate the dialogue from the music in the original video I had to shut the sound off completely. I raised the sound up in a few points where it was possible.


Lionel "Lonny" Ziblat, film composer, sound track, serious contemporary Classical concert music composer, arranger & orchestrator. Compositor, arreglador, musica para cine, banda sonora, compositor de cine para cine. Film componist, compositeur du film. Filmmusik componist. לוני ליאונל זיבלט מלחין לקולנוע מוסיקה

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