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"...One my of 3 best choices as album of the year"

Edwin Ammerlaan, Lust For Life (Revolver) magazine

"The overall mood is light but not frivolous, and the quality of the songwriting is impressive, venturing well beyond three or four chord cliches. File Songs from the Drawer alongside the efforts of Andy Partridge, Peter Blegvad, Martin Newell, David Yazbek, Kevin Gilbert, and the like. Worth seeking out."

Jon Davis 2012 Expose

“…Lonny Ziblat offers us a fine half-hour of music of music, drawing on musical roots that remind us how much certain artists have had a lasting impact on their era and that of their their heirs. The album would have benefited from a little more punch, but the listening pleasure and accessibility make up for this small reproach.”

Arnaud, Music Waves

"Almost every minute of this CD also exudes the MODEST MIDGET atmosphere. The only difference is that LONNY ZIBLAT has clearly scaled back the progressive elements and incorporated more singer-songwriter elements. With 'Tomorrow', he also integrates a Linda and Paul McCartney composition, which fits into the album like a single piece. The BEATLES, but also the WINGS, are present everywhere. But to avoid sounding too smooth and predictable, there are always these Zappaesque moments, whether they appear primarily in

the instrumental tracks or through sudden twists and turns in the sung songs. This is precisely what makes these recordings so appealing - and 'Songs From The Drawer' an exciting musical journey back in time to a studio where McCartney and Zappa could have met in secret to record a few ballads of a special kind. And LONNY ZIBLAT must have been there somehow."

Thoralf Koss, Musikreviews


"The melodic quality of ZIBLAT's music makes this purity possible, resulting in an intimate work of rare strength, with melodic inspiration from the peaks. In this particular register, it's a great success."

Didier GONZALEZ, Highlands magazine

"Ziblat's voice holds it effortlessly together. Meanwhile, he treats us to extraordinary melodies and, occasionally, curious solos. A feast for the eyes."

Cees Bronsveld , Heaven magazine

"His arrangements are simply superb: just listen to the double bass on “Outta Sight” which provides wonderful warmth before leading into the manic poppiness of “Barby Q”. Simple clean fun."

Kev Rowland

"The album is almost like a journey through a restless night, moving from the intimate (the minimalist, touching 'Days Of Peace', conceived as a soothing, childlike lullaby with its little bell sounds) to the more anguished ('Lady Witch', with its steamy piano, the dark little brother of the previous track)."

Calgepo, Music Reviews

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