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"Man have I fallen hard for this very cool Dutch progressive rock band’s sound – so much so that we feel compelled to do whatever we can to help promote Modest Midget and the upcoming release of their new album Crysis".
Jeff Stevens, Prog Metal Zone. WORLD 2014.
"Modest Midget are a class act, they turn crisis into fortune and all because they took a chance on being absolutely true. An album in which if it doesn’t make you smile, then surely you are far too gone for redemption!"
Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10. UK 2014.
"It is musicians like Lonny Ziblat who convince me that I am still doing the right thing writing about music... I happily give Crysis the maximum rating".
Pascal Thiel, Disagreement. WORLD 2014.
"Buy Modest Midget's latest album. It is the rare "Crysis" you too will enjoy repeating time and again in the weeks and months that lie ahead".
Mark Stephens, Prog Positivity. USA 2014.

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