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28 Nov 2018 . . . . . Premiere of Frans Bromet's documentary "Een Goede Moslima" in Theater Mozaiek, Amsterdam. Including

original music composed for the film.


1 Dec 2018 . . . . . Tarantula & the Dance of the Animals - a theatrical performance of Saint Saens music, orchestrated for and performed by the Concertgebouw chamber ensemble.

A performance for kids produced by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Orkaan.

RCO chamber.jpg

2 Dec 2018 . . . . .  Premiere of Lonny's music video for 'Another Day' -

a new track from the upcoming solo album

Mumbai International short film festival

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Lionel "Lonny" Ziblat, film composer, sound track, serious contemporary Classical concert music composer, arranger & orchestrator. Compositor, arreglador, musica para cine, banda sonora, compositor de cine para cine. Film componist, compositeur du film. Filmmusik componist. לוני ליאונל זיבלט מלחין לקולנוע מוסיקה, River, día del maestro, huracán irma, rafa nadal, taller cine almodovar ricardo darin cortometraje film seminar seminario audiovisual película montaje editor post production post producción cinematico cinematica compositor calidad

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