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O Clube de Choro do Rio Amstel

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Who are we?


Presented here is this new collective, devoted to promoting Brazilian Choro music in the Netherlands.

                Before Jazz emerged, Choro was one style that bridged the gap, connecting African musical styles with traditional European Classical music. In 19th century Brazil, the upper class would entertain musicians in their parties where they would perform famous themes by Mozart, Schubert, Bach and Beethoven, swinging them with sweet African rhythms and then improvising and recreating new, virtuoso themes on the same harmonies.

Here virtuosity and skill meet extremely friendly melodies and rhythms, that offer both a music of high caliber and sophistication as well as an infectious cosy atmosphere. A rare and potent combination that will appeal to both lovers of Jazz who have an ear for Latin American folklore, as well as chamber music aficionados.

The group makes an ideal booking for any event that is searching to generate cosy music of high caliber.



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