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Concerts & events

March 23-28  2016


Day of The Tentacle - The Ricciotti ensemble will be accompanying the Kapok trio during a tour in the Netherlands.

This piece - an original of the Kapok trio - was arranged especially for this tour and will be played numerous times during this period.

It will also take part in the closing of the tour on the 28th of March.

Past dates




October 18 - October 25 2015

Celia Trigger (by Marike Jager) arranged for the Ricciotti Orchestra for the tour with M Jager.

Around the Netherlands


September 5th 2015

Fuseli - (a short by Randy Kent) - premiere screening during the Prtobello Film Festival, London.

Role: Original score. Find three short fragments from the score in the Film scores' page.


August 30 2015

A Beethoven Medley - The Wolf-KleinJan duo (Clarinet & Marimba).

The Vondelkerk &

The concertgebouw


July-August 2015

Nocturne for Orchestra (transcribed & orchestrated to tape) by Dora Pejačević.

Cunda Jada (Bosnian trad) for the Ricciotti orchestra & Miso Petrovic.


March 2015

Mussorgsky's "The Field Marshal" song, orchestrated for the Ricciotti & soprano Ekaterina Levental. A Tour around the Netherlands.


31 Dec 2014 / 1 Jan 2015

'Assyrian Women Mourners' - arranged for the Dutch Wind Ensemble (Nederlands Blazers Ensemble) - new years' eve concert in the Concertgebouw.




Oct 2014

Two arrangements for the Ricciotti ensemble: Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" & The Bandit's "Rather Be". A Tour around the Netherlands. 


Dec 2013 - Jan 2014

Ylvis' "What Does The Fox Say", arranged for  the Ricciotti ensemble. A Tour around the Netherlands. 




17-20 Oct 2013

ELO's  Here Is The News, arranged for Jong Nederlands Blazersensemble. Performed during their program "Op weg naar het Nieuwjaarsconcert 2014" in different locations.


14 Oct 2013

20:15 Somebody Help Himself, for piano and flute,  during the Uilenberger concerts of the Leo Smit foundation.De Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

July-August 2013

An arrangement of Gorky Park's "Moscow Calling" for the Ricciotti ensemble. Different locations.


17 May 13

Premiere of the short Soms by Anil Wagemans, with an originaly composed soundtrack by Lionel.


7 May 13

Somebody Help Himself - performed by Laura Hölzenspies & Karin Basting of the Ziblat ensemble in De Witte Kerkje (The white church), Baarn. The Netherlands

Somebody Help Himself - a duo for piano and flute, commissioned by the Leo Smit Foundations. The piece has been dedicated to Hector Ziblat. Performed as part of the Uilenberger concerts' series, by Eleonore Pameijer (flute) and Marianne Boer (piano): 



A tour with Modest Midget, recording sessions for the album 'Crysis'.




February 24, 2011 Maison Erard, Amsterdam

March 13, 2011 Theater aan het Spui, The Hague.

Maart 14, 2011 Bethaniënklooster, Amsterdam

April 2, 2011 Noorderbergconcerten, Deventer 


18 November 11

Songs From The Drawer - CD presentation, Boris Jazz Club, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires (Argentina)


23 November 11

Accompanying and directing arrangements of two titles by Los Hermanos Butaca from their upcoming cd, during the "Encuentro de Nuevas Musicas Argentinas", produced by Mavi Díaz.

El Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso, San Telmo, Gran Buenos Aires (Argentina).


*These concerts took place thanks to the Fonds Podium Kunsten.






The Netherlands: De Orkestkeuken

Suddenly I See & Dindi (A.C. Jobim) arranged specifically for this production



Germany, Witzhelden: The 258th anniversary of composer Johann Wilhelm Wilms

Original music for Piano and oboe (Laura Holzenspies & Eduardo Olloqui):

Themese on a Boring Variation

A Hug From My Officer

The Ska Is The Limit

When My Prince Comes (for piano)

Betty Lifts Her Skirt (for oboe)





The Netherlands: The Ricciotti ensemble

An arrangement of Johnny Cash’s song Ring of Fire.



The Netherlands: Unique Harmony of Two Voices - Josefien & Charlotte Stoppelenburg performSong of The Needy. Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam.





The Netherlands: Lonny Ziblat & Six Other Strings - a live, solo concert in de Badcuyp, Amsterdam. Songs of Lonny Ziblat < >


In Australia: Soprano Pamela Jansson and the Ashley Arbuckle string quartet - two Ziblat arrangements of christmas songs for string quartet, piano and singer. Penrhos College Chapel, Morrison Street, Como (Perth).



Esquire & Captain Hook had 'Matilda You Lift Me' on their music stands.


18/7/08 - 8/8/08 

The Ricciotti enesemble with an arrangement for the Dushi band number ' Eh Eh ' (which is like the dutch ' He He ' but the other way around...)



De Bilt Stars performed a premiere of Every Time - which was commissioned for their last program.


April & May: Three try-out concerts with Modest Midget


20, 23, 24 March 2008


Three pieces arranged for the Dutch Flute Orchestra (Het Nederlands Fluitorkest) and the Argentinean duo Lerner & Moguilevsky in combination with the Israeli Khazan Gilad Netzer, all as part of the program entitled 'Devotie'. Performed in Zwolle, Tilburg & Amsterdam.


7,8 March 2008

Jorge Knows ,  Farkash is Eating Plants Again ,  A Hug From My Officer -

 - performed in the Premiere Festival by the Ground forces' fanfare orchestra (De Landmacht Fanfare Korps) and the MPO - the festival project symphonic band.


31-Dec 2007 - 6-Jan 2008

Yankee Go Home - an arrangement of a van Dyke Parks piece made for the Ricciotti ensemble.




24 February 2007

An intimate acoustic concert in the Cancer Institute (the NKI), Amsterdam. Songs of Lonny Ziblat < >




29 October 2006

The arrangement of Beethoven's 9th receives the third prize during an arrangers competition for the Ricciotti ensemble.


24-29 October 2006

Ensemble Ricciotti play Weer de 9e (Again, the 9th) on their Friesland tour.


2 September 2006

Schagen: An acoustic concert with songs by Lonny Ziblat < >


July 21 st - August 3rd 2006

Ensemble Ricciotti: The Sailorman's Hornpipe - famous as the closing theme of Popeye. The tour was in the Netherlands and in the UK. The theme was ultimately used as the opener of the documentary Wild op Klassiek made about the ensemble. The film was produced by someone.


21 May 06 2006

Voces Lauri performs ' Three ', in De Kloostertuin in Woerden.


13 May 06 2006

Voces Lauri performs ' Three ', in Theater 4 en 1 in Breukelen, The Netherlands.


30 January - 3 February 2006

Chopin's One minute Waltz  - an arrangement made for ensemble Ricciotti and the singer / actress Jetta Starreveld.




8 November 2005

Themes on a boring variation  - by Duo Hibiki in theater Kikker in Utrecht.


6 November 2005

Themes on a boring variation  - Duo Hibiki in the 'Muziekgebouw aant'ij' during de Suite muziekweek.


16 October 2005 

Jorge Knows - a new arrangement of this piece was premiered by the Frysk Fanfare Orkest in theater De Purmaryn in Purmerend.


July - August 2005

Dance Mix (a collection of undancable dances), was composed for the Ricciotti ensemble and their Maghreb tour throughout the Netherlands and Marocco.


9 April 2005    -    11:00

One hour of different pieces (mainly played by the Ricciotti ensemble) was broadcasted by the Concert Zender.


21 March 2005 -  20:15

Ukrainian Acne (a teaser for an upcoming symphony) was conducted by Otto Tausk and performed by the Utrecht conservatory orchestra in Vredenburg, Utrecht.


11 March 2005

The A 12 Cantata a new piece in honour of the A12 highway in Holland (commissioned by the ministry of water and transportation).


31 December 2004 - 5 January 2005

Hunkeren by Jeroen Zijlstra, arranged for the Ricciotti ensemble.




17 December 2004

The Magdalena Cantata for ensemble and SATB choir. Pick-Up Club, Amsterdam.


26 October 2004

Far Tan Dwell by the Utrecht Flute Quartet, The Ice-breaker (De Ijsbreker), Amsterdam.


August 2004

A non-famous piece by a famous composer, orchestrated especially for ensemble Ricciotti. The Netherlands, Hungary.


May 2004

Niks eraan te Doen Free Impulse, De Pudding Fabriek, Groningen.




October 2003

Eros & Civilization performed at the YO! Youth opera festival, Utrecht.


August 2003

To Do To Be performed by ensemble Ricciotti & soprano Esther Hentzepeter, The Netherlands, Belguim & Luxemburg.


27 June 2003

Klein Stukje Haar performed by Plateau (SATB choir) in Lunetten.


17 March 2003

Dona Nobis Pizza! -Fentener van Vlissingenzaal, The Utrecht Conservatory, Utrecht.

Le Sacre du Sacre -Fentener van Vlissingenzaal, The Utrecht Conservatory, Utrecht.


16 February 2003

The Burning Bush by Kwivr (brass ensemble) De Kring, Amsterdam.


February 2003

Weekend in Amersfoort performed by Ensemble Ricciotti, The Netherlands.




September 2002

The Contact Lens Voorproeven Festival, Den Bosch.


August 2002

Construcao, Scorpions in Love Arranged and orchestrated for the Ricciotti ensemble with Joao P Simoes (Belle Chase Hotel) The Netherlands, Portugal.


April 2002

Jorge Knows... Ensemble Ricciotti, The Netherlands.

The Ice Cycle Charlotte Stoppelenburg & Jeroen Sarphatie. Vredenburg, Utrecht.

Wind Sextet no. 1 Vredenburg, Utrecht.


17 February 2002

The Foot Opera Fentener van Vlissingenzaal, The Utrecht Conservatory.




April 2001

Pelotas de Papel Fentener van Vlissingenzaal, The Utrecht Conservatory.

Leave Peace in Me Lavinia Meyer & Amber Hill, The Utrecht Conservatory.




December 2000

Two Toe Tales Fentener van Vlissingenzaal, The Utrecht Conservatory.

Conversation Highlights


April 2000

The March of a Broken Heart The Utrecht Conservatory.


January 1999

Jorge Knows How Difficult a Musician's Life Can Be, But Then Again, Who Doesn't? (The Initial version for combo). A workshop with Hein v d Geyn, Room 108, The Utrecht Conservatory.

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