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The opening tune for the documentary "Adapaters" by Oksana Maksimchuk.


Director of Photography: Ivan Finogeev
Music by: Lionel Ziblat
Edited by: David Gabriel Djindjikhachvili
Title design: Allard Zoetman
Color correction: Jose Miguel Biscaya

Presented with the kind permission of Oksana Maksimchuk (OKSAM)

Lionel "Lonny" Ziblat, film composer, sound track, serious contemporary Classical concert music composer, arranger & orchestrator. Compositor, arreglador, musica para cine, banda sonora, compositor de cine para cine. Film componist, compositeur du film. Filmmusik componist. לוני ליאונל זיבלט מלחין לקולנוע מוסיקה

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